Chris England

Hello! My name is Chris. I am founding principle of ENGLAND Brand Co. in Oklahoma City. I oversee creative development; working diligently to ensure that each challenge is met with a smart and effective solution. My approach to branding and communications projects is strategic and purposeful. I employ sound information, foundational knowledge, and over 20 years experience to guide each process - from concept to execution.

I have had the honor of collaborating with professionals, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers both locally and internationally. If you're into awards, accolades, and press - I've experienced a few honors over the years. And, while the recognition is nice - I find the greatest pride in building long-lasting relationships; working alongside those that are the best in their field; seeking to inspire and be inspired. I bring seasoned skills in strategy and design to each branding and communications project.

If you're looking for ideas and solutions for your next project - let's talk about it!




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